The leading Russian developer and manufacturer of innovative medical equipment and information systems for diagnostic x-ray imaging.

Scientific-Technical Center MT (STC-MT)

Specializes in developing hardware and software in the field of high-tech digital medical diagnostic imaging equipment.

Laboratory of Innovations MT (LIMT)

An industry-leading developer of medical imaging systems, diagnostic viewing software, and medical image & data management systems.


TRIMM Group of Companies is one of the major distributors of medical equipment in Russia and an exclusive representative of Stephan Fritz, Biolight, INSPITAL, Maico, Woodway and other brands.

GE Healthcare

A division of General Electric offers medical equipment and related services. The world's leading manufacturer of equipment for medical imaging and diagnostics.

GE Healthcare


Russian manufacturing company specializing in the field of sterilization and disinfection. The company develops, produces, provides warranty service and modernization of sterilization, washing and disinfection equipment.