Industrial Technopark “Leader”

“Leader” –

ideal setting for business development
in Russia

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About the Technopark

Industrial Technopark “Leader” - optimal innovative building to establish domestic manufacturing of modern medical devices and to assure successful localization of foreign medical products in Russia.
The goal in establishing Technopark “Leader” is to create an ideal setting for business development in Russia by providing the most favorable accommodations for domestic and foreign high-tech companies.

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Industrial Technopark “Leader”


  • Technological infrastructure
  • Engineering infrastructure
  • Social infrastructure
  • Specialized rooms
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Industrial Technopark “Leader”


  • Rent of facilities
  • Planning and preparation of production facilities
  • Registration of new medical devices
  • Cargo-handling services
  • Internet and telephone
  • Complete turnkey service for localization of medical device manufacturing in Russia.
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Industrial Technopark “Leader”


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10/1 Lesopitomnik St., Ovrazhki, Malakhovka village, Lyuberetsky District, Moscow Region, 140030 Russia

+7 (495) 101-91-41