Technological infrastructure

  • Shared workspace 
  • Area for shared use of scientific equipment 
  • Area for shared use of experimental laboratory equipment 
  • ISO certified clean rooms
Technological infrastructure

Engineering infrastructure

  • 1,78 MW electric power available
  • 2,52 GCal/hr heating power available
  • Water supply
  • Fiber-optic lines and internet
  • And more
Engineering infrastructure

Social infrastructure

  • Conference rooms, meeting rooms 
  • Café and Buffet Restaurant 
  • Rest areas 
  • Shops 
  • Financial services (ATM, payment terminal, bank branch)
Social infrastructure

Transport infrastructure

  • 15 km from Moscow (by Egoryevskoye Shosse or Novoryazanskoye shosse)
  • 100 m from railway station “Ovrazhki”
  • 19 km from airport “Zhukovsky”
  • Shuttle bus to railway stations Tomilino, Malakhovka, Lyubertsy, Vikhino
  • Railway crosses different metro lines at stations Vikhino, Aviamotornaya, Elektrozavodskaya, Komsomolskaya
  • Railway crosses the Moscow Central Circle metro line (Line 14)
Transport infrastructure